Year 2016

2016 was a good year for our Club. We held over 70 meetings in three states (NH, VT, MA), number of followers grew from 300 to almost 900. Over 40 organizations support Lady Boss Club. We keep issuing monthly magazine with catalog of formal members, business articles on variety of topics, discounts and calendars of events. Our is up and running. Also now we are offering a unique remote attendance option through Zoom.
Thank you to everyone! We did a great job and created valuable and fast growing resource for women entrepreneurs. I hope 2017 will be even more exciting year for the Club and very successful for our businesses.
Together we can make the difference 🙂
In December all our meetings will take place in REMOTE MODE
Everyone is welcome to participate. No need to belong to a specific group.
December 20st, Tuesday, 12:00-01:30pm – Andover, MA group
December 21st, Wednesday, 05:30-07:00pm – Hanover, NH group
December 27th, Tuesday, 05:30-07:00pm – Woodstock, VT group
December 28th, Wednesday, 05:30-07:00pm – Manchester, NH group
December 29th, Thursday, 12:00-01:30pm – Nashua, NH group
Ladies, it is the time to submit membership dues for 2017 at discounted rate: $5/month ($60/year):
Now volunteers are wanted even more than usual. Please, contact Katerina if you can devote one ore more hours/month to the Club.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂
Katerina Kekalo
Club Leader.
P.S. December issue of Lady Boss magazine is available upon request (

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