This month we meet:
8th 5.30-7pm Claremont, NH
9th 12-1.30pm Montpelier, VT
9th 5.30-7pm Burlington, VT
15th 12-1.30pm Andover, MA
16th 5.30-7pm Hanover, NH
23rd 12-1.30pm Nashua, NH
23rd 5.30-7pm Manchester, NH
29th 5.30-7pm Woodstock, VT.

Reservation of your 15 min time slot is encouraged (shoot me an e-mail). First come first serve, however formal members have priority. No solicitation or recruiting is allowed during this time. Time should be used to connect to our “master mind” and to help you with your business related problems: start, run, grow, etc.

On-line attendance: https://zoom.us/j/8984248452
For now it is open for all. No password is necessary.

Starting this month registration for attending meetings is required. Through Facebook, MeetUp, Eventbrite or by e-mail.
If less than 3 women are attending in person, meeting will take place in on-line mode only. In this case note will be posted on our Facebook page, Eventbrite and MeetUp 2h before meeting starts.
Please, be respectful. If you register to come and can’t make it, take a second to change your status.

I am almost done with November magazine.
Formal members, if you’d like to make changes on your page, now is a good time.
Non formal members, if you would like to become a formal members and have your page in magazine too, you still have few days. Please, contact me: LadyBossClub@gmail.com

WANTED: volunteer for calendar keeping. Please, contact me if you can devote 1-2h/week for updating our calendar of non-Lady Boss Club business events.

Warmest regards,


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