Weekly Update

This week we are meeting:
Tuesday 5.30-7pm: Woodstock, VT
Wednesday 5.30-7pm: Manchester, NH
Thursday 12-1.30: Nashua, NH
and maybe Worcester 6-7.30pm if at least 3 women are coming. Space (library) is reserved, please, let me know if you would be interested to meet there.
Remote attendance (all meetings): https://zoom.us/j/8984248452
1) 10-15min time slots can’t be used for soliciting/recruiting.
this time is only for brainstorming on your business problem/task. Slot reservation is highly encouraged. First come first serve, priority to formal members (regardless if they attend a meeting in person or remotely).
2) Starting Nov.1st attending a meeting would require registration and cancellation if you can’t make it. If less then 3 women register, meeting will be cancelled.
I can’t keep the calendar of non-Lady Boss Events any longer. VOLUNTEER NEEDED. Please, e-mail me LadyBossClub@gmail.com if you are a reliable person who is willing to contribute 1-2h/week.
Have a successful week,

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