June: Monthly update


We made it! Our Lady Boss Women Entrepreneurial Club is turning 1 year old this month! Started in June 2015 in Hanover, NH, with support of Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, it grew to 9 chapters in 3 states (NH, MA, VT), connecting over 300 women-entrepreneurs from all types of businesses and at all stages!

Thank you to all of you for your support and loyalty. Club shapes itself every day to meet needs of existing and future women entrepreneurs and becomes more and more valuable resource.

Next year will be even more interesting and exciting. Working together we will:

  • Launch our web.site with Members pages, Calendar of business events, Resources, Promotions, Blog, etc.
  • Open at least 10 more Chapters,
  • Women-entrepreneurs community to reach 600+
  • Form new businesses,
  • Create jobs in the USA,
  • and grow our businesses to a new level.

Please, check the draft of our web.site: https://ladybossnh.wordpress.com/

Your feedback is highly appreciates.

You can get a hard copy of our monthly magazine when attend one of our meetings (free) or ordering it online ($4):

You can become a formal member instantly ($30 for June-December 2016):
Warmest regards,
Katerina Kekalo
Club Leader.

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